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SnowGirl started this conversation
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Lori H.   in reply to SnowGirl
Oh i must be doing it wrong. Sorry. I had just told ya im from piedmont south carolina
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SnowGirl   in reply to Lori H.
Hiya ..... I don't see your msg under my one on one....
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Lori H.
I sent you a one on one
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I sent u message plzz let me no thanks and on my page I left a post I did not no how to put it on yours
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I sent you one to one message thanks god bless I name a miracle
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Hi I need to get help for my grand baby's Laylynn 8 mikey 11 Laylynn loves frozen mikey any thing cars them Remote control cars I hope u can help Laylynn just had back Surgery she we're a back brace for a long time here is a pitcher of the grand babies thanks god bless please help these kids and. And put a smile on their face on Christmas Day
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hi did u check ur messages i sent you a one to one
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SnowGirl   in reply to AmothersWish
Hi! I sent you a private message actually through this forum. Just go up to the top right hand section of this screen and click on 'Menu'. Then click on 'One-to-one'. You'll see my message there :) If you have trouble, let me know, and then I will email you with the email address you provided.
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Hello thank you so very much.
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